GIST: LW INTERACTIVE HOUR : Ask All Your Questions

Okay, i think this is the first of its kind and we will be doing it regularly. In this interactive session,we will get close and personal via our comments as i will be answering every question you have related to the blog.

I noticed a lot of people either have a complain or a suggestion so this is a great place to air those views. About why i remove comments, i believe we all have a freedom of expression and i am not against that. The only comments i ever remove from this blog are those posted by an anonymous person promoting ‘Sugar mummy, Gay’ and some other crazy stuffs which is against what i believe in and i’m sure that goes for a lot of you too. Unfortunately, i cant do anything to stop the person except i decide to go for comments moderation which makes it all less interesting and annoying for some of you since i can’t be online all day watching which comment should be approved or not.
So that is that. Let me know if you have any question and LETS CHAT, i am here to answer everything. Happy sunday to you all and God bless you.